MISA Sdn Bhd’s status as a manufacturer was upgraded when it was selected to be one of the Vendors for supply of kWh meters to TNB.
Our operation is backed with professionals engaged in design, development,manufacturing and marketing of our products and services.

We deliver to you with our quality products and services, certified with ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/IEC 17025.
Our testing facility is also an accredited laboratory certified under SAMM.


We will continue to supply quality
products and services to meet our
customers expectation.


We are committed to be the benchmark
in the energy meter manufacturing

Product Development

Misa Sdn Bhd develops and manufactures electricity and water meter products that are used worldwide. Our expertise in metering technology and developing innovative products and services benefit and satisfy customer requirements. Our products and services include:

Mechanical Design

  • • Sketch an idea with all important details
  • • We ready with a prototype for evaluations
  • • We will improve the design required based on customers feedback on prototype
  • • Final design

Electronics Design

  • • This is a complex engineering process, including
  • • Micro Controller Firmware design
  • • Application Specific Hardware Design
  • • Electronic Circuit Design
  • • Printed of Circuit Board Layout and Prototyping
  • • Final design

Product Development

  • We are capable to develop
  • existing products with
  • additional features which
  • is required by customer


  • MISA Sdn Bhd equipped
    with highly technology
    machinery to do in-house
    assembly for electricity and
    water meter

Testing & Calibration

  • MISA Sdn Bhd Testing
  • & Calibration Laboratory
  • is an ISO/IEC 17025
  • accredited laboratory
  • Our Laboratory equipped
  • with very accurate Test
  • Benches for Mechanical
  • and electronic testing

Contract Manufacturing (OEM)

  • With our facillities and
  • Capabillities, We offer a
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Services to customers.

Quality Control & Equipment Verification

  • Our experienced personnel control the product quality during receiving materials, production process
    and our out going finish goods with stringent procedures. Our equipment’s will be verified by other
    accredited bodies once a year to ensure the high quality products delivered to customer