BrightSpark Technology

Our core technical strengths

  • Wireless internet of things(iot) infrastructure for monitoring solutions to enable fast rollout with a focus on critical industrial applications covering energy and water meters as well as other environmental sensors

Technical Specification

  • Empower the customer to have full visibility of their system ’s performance
  • Provide valuable insight on system performance from meter/sensor data
  • Unlock the customer ’s full potential by identifying system enhancement opportunities

Our core beliefs

  • Integrity
  • Agile and responsive
  • Collaborate


  • Agile IoT solutions

LoRa Use Cases


Smart Metering
Smart Grid Management

Smart Cities

Parking Sensors, Waste
Management, Smart Lighting

Industrial IoT

Process Control and Monitoring
Predictive Maintenance


Kids/Elderly Tracker
Medical Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring

Food monitoring/alerts
(water, air, noise) etc


Fleet Management
Asset Tracking